Understanding Why Popcorn and Nuts are a Great Diet Snack

It is a common notion for people, especially that are on a diet that eating snacks is not a good thing for them. But you also have to understand that it is this one that is only a hearsay. You have to remember that even when you are on a diet that it is still important for you to eat 4-6 small meals per day and two of those meals must be your snacks. But remember also that there are still snacks that you want to avoid ad they are the ones that can be full of sugar or are high in saturated fats. In order to have an idea what are the things, you need to avoid that you need to remember the three S's and that's salt, sugar and saturated fats. Certain foods like candy bars are the ones that you need to avoid especially when you are on a diet.
When looking first best snacks that you can have that one of the best options that you have are the nuts and almonds. There are many people though that would contest that sliced almonds may not be good as they are also high in fats but you also have to understand that the fats that you will get from almonds are the good fats. You have to understand that in order to survive that your body needs to have the right fat consumption in order to survive. When you will take a look at fats in your body that some of them are used to protect important organs in your body like your brain. You have to make sure though that when looking for nuts that it is important to choose the ones that are low in sodium or salt.

Another great snack that one can also have when on a diet is popcorn. But you have to remember that when choosing popcorn as a snack that you have to avoid the ones that are high in butter like the ones that you can buy when watching movies. In order to ensure that you are having the right popcorn that you need to buy the kernels and cook it on your own. It is you that will need a pot and some cooking oil for you to cook the kernels and turn them into popcorn. One of the best choices when choosing a cooking oil is to choose the ones that are made from olives which are proven to be good for you. To add flavor that you can sprinkle some salt on it.

It is also when you will choose to cook your own kernels that it is you that will get more from what you are paying. It is this one that is better than buying individually packed ones from the grocery. It is also when you will choose to cook your popcorn using a cooking oil and a pot that it will take the same time just as you will have when using the microwave. Visit website with more on Popcorn and Nuts here: http://edition.cnn.com/2000/FOOD/news/10/27/halloween.pumpkins/pumpkin.recipe.html.

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